One ok Rock(ワンオクロック) - Liar [J-PoP]

One ok ROCK - Liar
"何を求め そして何を受け入れる?"
Lead vocalist TAKA is a former member of the Johnny's Jimusho idol group NEWS.
Members Toru and Ryota are former members of the rapping break dancing group HEADS.
They released two indies mini-albums and made their major debut with their single, Naihi Shinsho in April of 2007.

[ Eng - Lyric ]
What do you want from me? Just let me breathe a little
What do you want to see? What's in front of your eyes?
What do you want to believe? Still nothing can be settled
Hold on your words you say
It's no good

What are your demands? What do you think you're getting out of this?
One breaks into two!! I still don't understand
What this all is, I don't know
Beside me, laughing, you are...

Hey Liar, Hey Liar
What do you think of living without me?
Hey Liar, Hey Liar
Not knowing what's lies, what is truth?

Must be a dream I see
It's like deja vu again
Trying so hard to know inside of you
Staring your eyes to feel
Wishing to break through to you, but it's a hopeless dream
So cold
You're beside me, smiling...

Hey Liar, Hey Liar
This and everything is a lie
Enough already
I'm tired, so tired
What do you think of living without me?

There is nothing left to bleed
My heart can't take this anymore

Hey Liar, Hey Liar
What do you think of living without me?
Hey Liar, Oh yea Liar
Is there any reason to stay here??


  • maus 2010/06/14 19:14 # 답글

    뭔가 타카의 비명소리가 머리속에 남는게 장난아니게 중독성있다.
  • dfg5416 2011/08/22 11:07 # 삭제 답글

  • maus 2011/08/22 23:17 #

    이야....작년 6월 자료까지 가셨네요 ;ㅅ;!
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