Mihimaru GT - Love Letter [J-PoP]

Mihimaru GT - Love Letter
"기뻣어 밤바다까지 드라이브, 그 엔진소리 이제 더는 들을 수 없어..."
몇분들이 곡이 올라오는 기준이 뭐냐 물어보셔서 이렇게 적지만, 그냥 그날 하루 기분에 따라 다르달까요?
제가 가지고 있는 음악 파일중 하나 듣다 기분이 좋으면 올리는 거랍니다~ 이번곡은 러브레터!
개인적으로 Mihimaru GT의 곡중 가장 좋아하는 곡이랍니다~

[ Eng Lyric ]
I’ll speak my mind.
You are within me.
Now I’ll frankly compose a Love Letter.
Are vague connections unpleasant?
If I’m not mistaken, I just want your love.

The helmet that’s covered with stickers
I grasped your warm back.
It stopped the memories of that day
although Spring will come to that extent soon.

(We were happy. We drove up to the sea of the night.
We don’t hear the sound of the engine anymore.
At the same time, the truth was painful.
(From the hateful manners to the opposite choices of goodbye)
I’m sorry for lying.

I can’t say “I love you
The midnight paused my Love Letter
Surely the fact that I think about it too much hinders me.
Even an irritating love openly gets through to you.

You never catch up with me.
You protected it for me with a step ahead.
Although it was a small distance
We were distant before we knew it.

(Even life disagrees with facts.
Even if it fills the gaps I want to dream about it at least.)
It still changes even though I’ll love somebody.
(Once a week, the email diminished my stance.
Your curse is an unreasonable escape)
I’m adding you.

I notice it now.
I can’t vanish the phrase “I love you”
The midnight oozes the Love Letter.
I’m viewing only you like this all along.
Though we can’t meet each other, I openly resound you

Dots and dots connect to compose
Now the Pen and Paper are set!! on the desk.
We hear that good cruising song.
The speakers reflects it that day.
It’s midnight. Even the night and our feelings run out.
There’s one room. We’re in the room
We spin the love in characters and we pray.
The means leave it behind to those like ourselves
I won’t forget it twice. The Love Letter carves “us” here.

I can’t say “I love you”
The midnight paused my Love Letter
Surely the fact that I think about it too much hinders me.
Even now I want your gentleness.

I want to say “I love you”
The midnight oozes the Love Letter
Probably. Because it doesn’t hasten like this.
Though I’ll lose your love, I’ll send it to you.

More than friends, less than lovers. The period of the unfinished truth.
It’s just not in our reach. We end up hurting each other.
If I know you, I know you so much. You can attract gentleness.
The love affair dies so much my chest hurts.
Now the morning finished my writing. It opens “Pathetic.”


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